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27 Home Improvement Cost Calculators and Guides

Person calculating the cost of a home improvement project

Welcome to Home Stratosphere’s home improvement cost calculators.

Below you can access various calculators for different projects.

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1. Painting Cost Calculator

Back profile of a woman painting the interior wall blue.

Click here for the online painting cost calculator.

Our online painting cost calculator is customizable so it allows you to input important factors such as the texture and size of the surface to be painted on, the use of a primer (or not), and the desired type of paint and number of coats to use.

You’ll get an idea of how many gallons of paint or primer will be needed and the approximate overall cost as compared to hiring professional painters.

2. Moving Cost Calculator

Illustration of a moving company rendering their service.

Get to know more about the moving cost calculator here.

There’s plenty of expectations when it comes to moving to a new home. However, the reality is that moving to a new place can be stressful and expensive. If you want to minimize your stress, you can hire local movers and use our local moving cost calculator to get an idea of how much the service may cost you.

3. Quartz Countertops Cost Calculator

Farmhouse kitchen with matching white quartz countertops.

Learn more about the quartz countertops cost calculator here.

Quartz is increasingly becoming a favorite option for many kitchen countertops. But just like granite, quartz can also make a dent on your budget if you don’t plan enough for it. You can use our quartz cost calculator to find out how much you’ll be shelling out should you decide to choose this material. We factor in your desired quartz quality as well as installation.

4. Granite Countertops Cost Calculator

Farmhouse kitchen with granite countertops.

Find out more about the granite countertops cost calculator here.

Granite is one of the leading choices for kitchen countertops. Most kitchen renovations focus mostly on upgrading their kitchen countertops to the more luxurious granite so we set out our granite countertops cost calculator to help you approximate your budget. Factors such as the countertop size, granite type, and installation were considered.

5. Chain Link Fence Cost Calculator

Chain link fence.

Check out our chain link fence cost calculator here.

Our chain link fence cost calculator is a handy tool for those thinking of constructing a chain link fence around their property. It’s easy to use and allows you to input the desired size and height of your chain link fence, among others.

6. Asphalt Driveway Cost Calculator

Asphalt driveway leading to a white garage.

Discover more about the asphalt driveway cost calculator here.

Asphalt is one of the most common driveway materials chiefly because of its durability and low cost. To get a better idea of how much you’ll need to shell out for going the asphalt route, you can use our asphalt driveway cost calculator. We consider factors such as square footage, driveway features, gravel needs and excavation needs.

7. House Cleaning Cost Calculator

House cleaning employees at work.

Here’s the link to our house cleaning cost calculator.

Paying for a house cleaning service can be considered money well spent if this frees you up to do more important and productive tasks. Homeowners differ in how frequent they think they need such services and the costs vary depending on several factors. You can use our house cleaning cost calculator to get an estimated cost for cleaning your home based on square footage and hourly rates per cleaner.

8. Drywall Cost Calculator

Drywall renovation project.

Click here for the drywall cost calculator

Drywall is a standard wall and ceiling surface material which can be expensive when you consider all the materials needed and installation costs. To save money, many self-sufficient homeowners undertake the task themselves. Our drywall cost calculator takes these scenarios into consideration so you can find a cost estimate for materials only as well as additional cost for hiring contractors.

9. 2 Dining Room Table Size Calculators

White modern dining room with a glass rectangular dining table and a seating for more than 10.

Find out more about 2 dining room table size calculators here.

There are to criteria for choosing a dining room table size. The first depends on the number of people you want to accommodate while the second depends on the size of your dining room. To accommodate these criteria, we have 2 dining room table size calculators to help you narrow down your choices.

10. Outdoor Kitchen Cost Breakdown

Top view of an outdoor kitchen.

Get to know more about the outdoor kitchen cost breakdown here.

Your ultimate guide to planning and budgeting for an outdoor kitchen, we break down all the important factors you need to consider before getting down to business. You get a rough estimate of how outdoor kitchen costs and even get an idea of the additional features which you can include in the design or leave out depending on your budget.

11. Home Office Cost Breakdown

Home office with wooden furniture and large windows.

Learn more about the home office cost breakdown.

Get an idea of how much it’ll cost to create your dream home office. Our cost analysis breaks down all the variables and factors you need to consider such as the size and location of your home office within your home as well as your pick of furniture, electronics, and other must-haves.

12. Walkway Cost Calculator

Home with manicured front lawn and a walkway in between.

Click here for the walkway cost calculator.

Use our walkway cost calculator if you’re considering building a walkway. You don’t just get an idea of how much this project will cost you, but we also added useful information so you can be alerted on the common monetary pitfalls. We discuss important considerations such as materials, additional features along the path, and other options.

13. Carpet Installation Cost Calculator

Man installing a white carpet.

Here’s the link to our carpet installation cost calculator.

Find out how much carpet installation will cost you by using our carpet installation cost calculator. We factor in the cost of the carpet per sq. ft., padding cost per sq. ft., installation cost, and other labor tasks such as furniture removal, old carepet removal, and difficult cuts.

14. Primary Bathroom Remodel Cost Analysis

Modern primary bathroom with glass-enclosed shower, floating vanity and double sink.

Discover more about the primary bathroom remodel cost analysis here.

Be sure to read our primary bathroom remodel cost analysis before jumping on the renovation. Our extensive analysis breaks down the costs of every component commonly found in a primary bathroom such as the flooring, vanities, shower, tub, toilet, and more.

15. Hardwood Flooring Cost Calculator

Large living room with hardwood flooring.

Know more about hardwood flooring cost calculator.

Hardwood remains the top choice for flooring despite the fact that it doesn’t come cheap. To get an idea of how much hardwood flooring costs per square feet, you can use our hardwood flooring cost calculator which also factors in the type of hardwood you want to choose, wood quality, and installation.

16. Patio Cost Calculator

Top view of a patio with fire feature.

Click here for the patio cost calculator.

Our patio cost calculator will help you approximate your budget for building a patio. The estimated cost is based on the sq. ft., surface material, and other variables such as pergolas and gazebos, grill or fire pit or fireplace, and furniture.

17. Fence Cost Calculator

Backyard with a wooden privacy fence.

Here’s the link to our fence cost calculator.

The cost of building a fence relies on many factors such as fence linear feet, type of material, installation, and other optional costs. You can use our fence cost calculator to get an approximate budget and read on the additional fence pricing information for better planning and budgeting.

18. Deck Cost Calculator

Building a deck with drill and nails.

Find out more about the deck cost calculator here.

Use our deck cost calculator before shopping for deck materials to get a better idea of how you want your deck to be. Our deck costing tool is based on square feet, type of material, installation, and other variables such as lighting features, heating, and whether or not to have pergolas or fire pits.

19. Family Room Cost Guide

Modern family room with glass ceiling and glass shelves.

Click here for the family room cost guide.

A family room is traditionally used in large homes for families to gather or enjoy an activity together. The cost of remodeling a family room can vary depending on the type of upgrade you’d like to undertake. You can use our guide to get a good idea on the costs of the most common projects such as flooring, furniture, appliance, lighting, custom ceilings, and wall treatments.

20. Living Room Cost Guide

Craftsman living room with wooden furniture and a fireplace.

Discover more about the living room cost guide here.

Understand the obvious and hidden costs you will encounter when it comes to building or remodeling a living room. Our extensive guide takes into account important elements such as the cost of flooring, ceiling, wall, wall decorating, furniture, appliances, and other options.

21. Swimming Pool Cost Guide

Custom-sized swimming pool with slide and fountain feature.

Click here for the swimming pool cost guide.

Find out the average cost of buying or installing a swimming pool depending on custom sizes, square feet, pool covers, pool fences, features, and other options. Our swimming pool cost guide will give you a clear idea of how you want your swimming pool to be and how much you can expect to spend for it.

22. Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator

Luxurious kitchen with eat-in island.

Here’s our link to the kitchen remodel cost calculator.

Use our kitchen remodel cost calculator to get an estimate of how much the renovation will cost you. We take into account the average cost of the most common upgrades such as cabinetry, countertop, flooring, lighting, appliances, and other additional labor costs such as demolition, plumbing, electrical work, and moving the gas line.

23. Laminate Flooring Cost Calculator

Man installing laminate flooring in living room

We created a custom laminate flooring cost calculator that’s easy to use. Just plug in  your square footage and quality level of laminate and whether you’ll install it yourself or hire a professional.

See the laminate flooring cost calculator here.

24. Cinder Block Wall Cost Calculator

Cinder block wall being built

Building a project out of cinder blocks?

If you need an idea as to how many standard cinder blocks you need and how much it will cost (approx.), check out our cinder block wall cost calculator:

Click here for the cinder block wall cost calculator

25. Vinyl Siding Paint Cost Calculator

House with yellow siding

Do you need to paint vinyl siding? Before you get started, find out how much it costs. We put together a simple calculator to given an approximate cost for the job. Check it out:

=> Click here for the vinyl siding paint cost calculator.

26. Gutter Cost Calculator

Photo of gutters being replaced

I was surprised at how much it costs to replace gutters on a regular house. I thought it would cost more than it does.

Of course, how much you end up paying depends on the types of gutters you get (materials), size of your home’s footprint, labor cost in your area and other factors.

=> Find out the approximate cost to replace your gutters with our gutter cost calculator here.

27. Gutter Cleaning Cost Calculator

Cleaning gutters

Most homeowners clean gutters themselves, but not everyone can navigate a ladder. Some people don’t want to spend the few hours on it that it takes.

Regardless of your reason for hiring a gutter cleaning service, find out how much it’ll roughly cost with our gutter cleaning cost calculator.