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23 Amazing Ceilings with Beams


The cathedral-beamed ceiling living room.

Welcome to our site where you will find stunning and unique wood beam ceilings in an array of architectural designs from modern to country. Be sure to scroll through our hand picked interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your journey.

1. Tree House-Inspired Ceiling

This is a great room that houses the living room area, dining area and kitchen all under one high white arched ceiling that has exposed wooden beams that stand out with its dark brown tone. This matches with the various wooden elements of the great room like the railings and the base of the fish tank.

This home has an open floor plan showcasing vaulted white arched ceilings with exposed wooden beams. The contrast between the dark wood and the white walls makes this ceiling stand out. I love how they enhanced the design by adding cool marionette-style hanging wood lights from the ceiling.  

2. Indoor Meets Outdoor Living

This is the view of a beautiful kitchen from outside the open glass doors. You can see here that the bright white hue that dominates the floor, walls and cabinetry are balanced by the wooden ceiling that has exposed wooden beams matching the column outside.

I love the indoor-outdoor living in this beautiful kitchen with solid wood beam ceilings. You see the bright white walls and cabinets really pop off the wood beams and solid wood ceiling.  You’ll notice that the ceiling wood matches the wood columns directly outside. Combining the outside tree and greenery from stepping stones creates an inviting natural element into the home.

3. Natural Wood + Modern Design

The glass windows on both sides of this living room give its white walls a natural brightness as well as its light gray sofa set. This is complemented by the charming wooden ceiling with exposed wooden beams that are only above the area of the living room.

Beautiful french glass doors flank both sides of this modern Scandinavian-style living room. If you draw your eyes upward you’ll notice the stunning natural wood beam ceiling. The ceiling brings the element of nature into the design and suddenly the room feels more cozy. There is an abundance of seating in this room so it’s definitely an entertainers dream. 

4. Incredible Wood Beams 

This is a modern kitchen with sleek and smooth white surfaces on its cabinets and a large U-shaped kitchen island in the middle. These are augmented by the large glass sliding doors on the side and the wide wooden ceiling that has exposed wooden beams.

The incredible and massive wood beams breath life and nature into this modern kitchen. Sleek white cabinet surfaces are juxtaposed against the natural elements of the ceiling. The gorgeous wall of doors and windows are the gateway to the best view of the water outside. Cooking in this kitchen will some become the highlight of every day.

5. Asian Inspired Wood Kitchen

This is a charming kitchen that is dominated by the wooden cabinetry that fills the walls with bare wooden cabinets, drawers and shelves to mirror the wooden ceiling and its wooden exposed beams of the same hue. This presents a consistent tone that pairs well with the textured stone flooring.

This charming Asian-inspired kitchen is dominated by the wooden cabinetry throughout. The ceiling with double beams across create a modern feel and cool architectural detail.  The house continues with the consistent use of the solid wood and double wood beam ceiling. Click on link below to see the entire interior space.

6. Japanese-Inspired Grid Ceiling 

This dining area has a nice view of the backyard with the glass walls and door beside the long wooden dining table paired with wooden chairs. This area is topped with a narrow part of the ceiling that has exposed wooden beams that support a pendant light over the table.

This Japanese-inspired dining area has solid wood grid-style ceiling above the dining table. Notice the unique industrial pendant light hanging from grid ceiling, which adds character to the space. You can sit and enjoy the view of the backyard through the beautiful glass walls.This area is topped with a narrow part of the ceiling that has exposed wooden beams that support a pendant light over the table.

7. Mother Nature Meets Modern Design 

This impressive dining set that has a wooden dining table matching with the exposed beams of the ceiling is placed by a corner of two tall glass walls. These glass walls present a beautiful background of the lush landscaping outside to contrast the basic hues.

This impressive light filled dining room has a gorgeous natural wood beam ceiling that balances out the hard metal and stone surfaces.  The wood dining table compliments the exposed wood beams. These glass walls bring nature from outside in, with the lush trees and brush. I love the paper light pendants hanging from the wood ceiling, it completes the overall design.

8. Traditional & Old-World Designed Game Room

The dark wooden exposed beams of the white ceiling has an elegant finish that matches with those that tops the cabinetry of this beautiful living room. This serves as a charming pairing for the cushioned sofa sets on the patterned area rug that covers most of the hardwood flooring.>

The intricately carved dark wood beams are carried onto the walls of this elegant & old-world designed game room. The traditional pairing of the furniture and rug create optimal seating areas. You can enjoy playing chess in front of fireplace or enjoy the view from the stain-glass windows. 

9. Cathedral Ceilings & Spacious Living 

The white cathedral ceiling is dominated by exposed wooden beams that follow the lay of the ceiling with its triangular design. This matches with the hardwood ceiling that is complemented by the large stone panel of the fireplace facing the white sofa set.

The white cathedral-style ceiling has gorgeous exposed wood beams which creates a spacious living area. You’ll notice the triangular design of the wood beams mirror the triangle top of stone fireplace. I love the storage created from the built-ins flanking the fireplace, they are painted a similar color matching the stone. The tall window doors allow light to stream through making the space airy and spacious. 

10. Malibu Views & Wood Beams

The highlight of this primary bedroom is the beautiful seaside view showcased by the large glass wall that brings in an abundance of natural lights that lighten the wooden hue of the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling and the hardwood flooring that is topped with a furry area rug at the sitting area.

There are two showstoppers in this primary bedroom, one is the beautiful seaside view showcased by the large glass wall. The second is the exposed natural wood beam ceiling. The natural wood floors and sliding doors compliment the wood on ceiling beams, creating a cohesive design. You’ll want to lounge in the seating area all day just staring out into the beautiful sea beyond. 

11. Cottage Bedroom with Pitched Roof

The exposed wooden beams of the cathedral ceiling stands out with its design that is reminiscent of a fish bone or a leaf. This is elevated by the elegant large cabinet with lightened shelves with shaker drawers at the bottom that contrasts the hardwood flooring.>>

The exposed wood beams of this pitched ceiling pop off the white walls and the design is reminiscent of a fishbone or a leaf. There is a largebuilt-in white cabinet along the left wall used as the dresser or storage. Lots of room to lounge in this bedroom and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. 

12. Rotunda Library with Carved Ceiling

The circular shape of the library is followed by its elegant wooden ceiling with exposed beams of the same redwood hue as the rest of the library. This makes the books stand out as well as the various colorful painting that are illuminated by the wall lamps.

A rotunda is a circular shaped room similar to the design of this multi-level library. The circular shape is mirrored throughout with the curved staircase and carved wood ceiling. There appears to be a skylight in the center of ceiling which brings in natural light in an otherwise darker space. So much carved details like the intricate ceiling, columns and built-in bookcases. 

13. Southwestern Bedroom with Log Cabin-Inspiration

The earthy brown walls of this primary bedroom is a nice complement to the wooden frame of the sleigh bed as well as the bricks of the flooring. This tone of the flooring is mirrored by the exposed wooden log beams of the ceiling and the dresser beside the bed.

The rustic terracotta walls of this primary bedroom paired with the unusual log cabin-style ceiling creates a unique design. I like the brick floor laid in a herringbone style which compliments all the vintage furniture.  There is a real lived-in, cozy feeling in this space, and I think an area rug would complete the look. 

14. Spa Dreams in this Wood Covered Bathroom

The wooden surfaces of the floor, stairs, vanity and shiplap ceiling all share the same tone of brown wood that makes the porcelain embedded bathtub, white sink and vanity mirror stand out as it is illuminated by the row of windows at the raised alcove of the bathtub area.

This grand bathroom has narrow teak wood planks covering the ceiling creating a gorgeous cocoon of wood. Aside from the mirrors above the vanity and the windows, the bathroom is made entirely of wood. One might be hesitant to create an all-wood bathroom, especially when there is always moisture. However, you can’t help but feel like you’re at an amazing spa some place in the tropics. 

Source: Zillow DigsTM

15. Galley Kitchen with Tiled Ceiling

This gorgeous kitchen has a ceiling accented with outdoor hexagonal tiles that pair well with the dark exposed wooden beams. This matches with the dark tone of the cabinetry of the two kitchen islands and the L-shaped peninsula.

This galley kitchen has hexagonal tiles and exposed wood beams on the ceiling. An unusual pairing although it works well with the dark wood cabinetry. The light granite countertops and flooring provide a nice contrast, complimenting the dark tones. I love the 3-light hanging pendants hanging over the two islands. This would be a great space to cater a party or event. 


16. Industrial Meets Modern Staircase

The low ceiling of this foyer and its exposed wooden beams extend to the ceiling of the staircase beside it. This has glass sides and a large decorative chandelier hanging from one of the exposed beams that match the dark flooring marble of the foyer.

The low ceiling of this staircase and foyer has exposed wood beams which extend throughout the entire house. I love the different heights to the ceiling which create architectural interest.  The glass railings and doors reflect much needed light onto the darker interiors. You can’t miss that gorgeous crystal chandelier hanging from the staircase, adds some glamour to the design.

17. Country Kitchen & Log Cabin Dreams

This bright kitchen has elegant and classy cabinets and drawers on its dark wooden kitchen and light gray kitchen cabinet on the wall. These are given a rustic contrast of a wooden ceiling that has rough and textured exposed wooden beams.

I love the mix of traditional furniture and country-style cabinets paired with the cool log cabin exposed ceiling. It’s completely unexpected but it works creatively. The creamy pale green cabinets combined with the dark wood island and patterned furniture adds many charming layers to this country kitchen. 

18. Scandinavian-Inspired Bathroom 

The rustic textured wooden beams of the shed ceiling provides a nice complement for the light hardwood flooring. This matches with the wooden console table that serves to be the vanity of the bowl sink. Across from this is the white wooden cabinet connected to the bathtub.

Your eyes are automatically drawn to the asymmetrical exposed wood beam ceiling, when entering this Scandinavian-inspired bathroom.  I love that the beams are different types of wood and aren’t laying the same direction, it adds interest to an otherwise serene bathroom. The design is brilliant with the free-standing wood vanity, wall mounted faucets and gorgeous cabinetry. Too many amazing wood details to list but it all flows so seamlessly.

19. Modern A-Frame Living Room

The living room features a large fireplace and a cathedral ceiling accentuated with exposed wood beams.

This modern a-frame living room features a large fireplace and pitched ceiling that is accentuated with beautiful exposed wood beams. I love the contrast with the wood beams and white shiplap ceiling walls. So much light streaming in from the large picture window doors and the neutral furniture palette plays really well with the overall design. My favorite feature in the room would have to be the use of the art light sconces hanging above the built-in cabinets & shelving. 

20. Modern Loft Space with Exposed Beams

This is the second floor hallway of this home. It has a dark hardwood flooring that is contrasted by the flanking light gray columns that also contrast the dark wooden beams of the ceiling. This is augmented by the bordering dark iron railings.

The second-floorloft and hallway of this modern style home, has magnificent wood exposed beams on the ceiling which really pop off the white walls. The medium toned wood floors  and stone wall paired with the metal stair railings creates a nice contrast of natural elements mixed with modern design. I like the use of space off to the left where they have created an office nook. 

21. Eclectic Design with Sprawling Wood Ceiling

This is a charming and cozy primary bedroom with metal railings on its four-poster bed topped with a comfortable white cushion and pillows. There is also a peaceful sitting area at the other side of the room that is elevated by its consistent wooden ceiling and its exposed wooden beams.

There are a lot of unusual design elements chosen for this spacious bedroom with a gorgeous view. You can’t help but notice the ceiling is covered with solid wood planks and cross beams to create a unique piece of art. The furniture, most notably the bed, is a bit dated and more on the traditional side. They paired it with modern mirrored nightstands and extra large table lamps that almost look caricature-like. A slight makeover of this room paired with the already beautiful ceiling and ocean view, would create a more inviting place to relax. 

22. Eclectic Moroccan-Style Living Room

The high white ceiling has exposed wooden beams that are adorned with decors on its ends that stand out against the white wall. These walls are also adorned with the dark brown wall lamps, potted plant at the corner and two large arched windows.

You can tell that the home has Spanish-influenced architecture because of the arched windows and plaster walls. However, the interior decor and the ceiling design represent a Moroccan style. I love the exposed dark wood beams on the plastered ceiling paired with those gold decorative corbels.  I might edit some of the furniture out of the space, just so it doesn’t seem so busy.

23. Light & Bright Mid-Century Living Room

This large and bright formal living room has a Beach-style vibe to its white shiplap plank ceiling and its white exposed wooden beams. This is complemented by the two large wooden shelves on the far wall flanking the fireplace and the TV.

White wood beam ceiling covers the entire space of this Mid-Century living room. The flat ceiling creates texture that works well, paired with the modern design of the furniture and art. I love the wall of window doors which allows ample light to stream through, so you don’t need much ambient lighting elsewhere. The touch of natural wood in the built-ins creates another layer of texture that compliments the leather and velvet upholstery. 

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