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29 Fantastic Custom Built-In Bunk Bed Ideas

Yellow room with bunk bed

Whether you have a large family of your own, have merged families through marriage, or have a generational home, giving a child a space that feels like their own can be difficult once a house becomes crowded.

Instead of buying flimsy bunk beds or overpaying for a quality piece, consider getting the perfect bunk bed for your family’s needs. A custom built-in bunk bed will open up your home’s space in ways you might not have thought possible.

Built-In Bunk Bed Ideas

Beach House Bunk Room

Beautiful bunk room in beach house

This beach house floor plan featured this custom built bunk room that sleeps eight.  I love the step ladder in the middle serving two sets of bunks.

Custom-Built Bunks that Do the Job

Side-by-side custom built-in bunk beds

This home features this handsome custom built set of two bunks… almost like pod hotel rooms with privacy curtain.

6-Bed Custom Build Bunk Room

Custom built bunk room

See this home. I love how big the beds are… adults would be comfortable in these beds (not that I’m keen to sleep in a bunk but if necessary, not a problem.

Elegant Custom-Built Bunk Beds

Stunning custom built bunk bed

This stunning house includes this incredible cabinet-like custom built beds with storage above.  While not technically bunk beds, we love the design so much showing what’s possible.

Bunk and storage closet combo

Custom built bunk bed with closet underneath

This custom home includes this clever custom bunk bed with closet underneath.

Rustic log-built custom bunk bed

Hewn log custom built bunk beds

This house includes this set of hewn log rustic built-in bunk beds.

Epic Bunk Room for Kids

Large room with four sets of custom built in bunk beds

This epic bunk room is in this Florida mansion. That could be quite the sleepover.  Fun purple and yellow color scheme.

Children’s room with built-in bunks (Cher’s former mansion)

Cher's former Florida mansion with children's room with built-in bunk beds

Cher’s former Florida mansion with children’s room with built-in bunk beds.

The Closet-Style Bunk Room

Fun closet-style custom built bunk room

This Nantucket compound features this cozy “closet-like” custom bunk room.

Side-by-side tiny bunk rooms

Stunning tiny bunk rooms

This home features the cutest side-by-side tiny bunk rooms with built-in side tables and all.

Cube-Style Bunk Bed

Cube style bunk bed

This architectural home includes this fascinating cube-style bunk bed.

Bunk Bed Bookcase Combo

Clever custom bunk bed with built-in bookcase

This home includes this clever custom bunk bed with built-in bookcase.

Inset Bunk Beds

Wooden inset bunk beds

To start, you can set bunks within a smaller section of the room to maximize space. There’s a bit of shared decorating space on the central shelf, and the lights in each bunk are great additions for doing homework or reading without the main light.

Cubby Bunks

White Cubby bunk bed

By enclosing the bunks more, there is a greater sense of privacy even with the shared space. The floating side tables are convenient, but the way the lights are positioned will flood light to other bunks more easily.

Bunk loft

Bunk loft in spacious bedroom

This house features a custom-built bunk loft with a double bed below and large upper bunk.

Parallel Bunks

Parallel bunk beds

For a narrower space, turn the beds and set them parallel. The central staircase here will be easier for some children, but the open front and close quarters reduce the individual decorating space. A curtain around each bunk can go a long way in helping maintain that sense of privacy with this design.

Double bunk loft

Long double bunk loft

This custom home features a long bunk loft with two beds above a queen-sized bed.

High Functionality

High functionality bunk bed

Remember to use vertical space. This goes double for anyone who bought a home with giant ceilings that they rarely use for anything but creating echoes.The cubbies under these bunks will add much needed storage.

A Living Bedroom

A Living Bedroom bunk bed

You can stack a number of bunk beds into a large living room while still leaving a central area for activities. 8 beds and a sofa is a shocking amount of furniture to find in one room, and it doesn’t even seem crowded with the smart arrangement.

Base Camp

Camp bunk beds

Combining some of the built-in bunk bed styles above with a large space can get you storage, ease of access, and a high number of beds. This arrangement shows how adding more features can start to overcrowd the space, but it’s fine as long as you don’t expect it to be a play area.

Communal Calm

Cozy Communal Calm bunk beds

This serene white and blue room is soothing and open. Each bunk has plenty of overhead space, and the shared area features both sitting space and play space that’s perfect for storytelling, charades, or VR headset gaming.

A Secret Hideaway

Kids room with Hideaway bunk bed

Like the Lost Boys, these kids have a hidden sanctuary free from the overbearing rule of stuffy adults. The tall ladder and multiple bunk levels make this setup better for kids past their toddler years. As long as you feel comfortable with it as a parent, I know I’d have invited all my friends over just to see my awesome room.

Keep Going Up

keep going up bunk beds, 3 bunk beds

With especially tall homes, triple built-in bunk beds make use of that dead air space. Don’t neglect safety when building taller, but the height can be especially enjoyable for your resident climber. Make sure that your safety rails are large enough and properly secured, then do it again regularly in case they’ve loosened.

A Rustic Triple

Rustic bunk beds

The classic wood of this triple setup would fit right at home in a hunter’s lodge deep in the woods. The surface areas and cubby holes are cozy touches for a better time resting after a long hike.

A Trundle Tower

House tower bunk beds,

The bottom of this built-in bunk bed pulls out for additional sleeping space that disappears when it’s not needed. Disguising it as a fireplace was a clever touch by the designer.

The Princess Suite

Kids room with pony and bunk bed

A shared space doesn’t have to feel like roughing it, either. Each bed has an excess of clearance, a view of the television, and a gorgeous surrounding of pinks, whites, and floral motifs. For parents struggling to move two children into the same room out of necessity, finding a shared theme like this can really sell the deal.

Cutting Corners

Hotel blue bunk bed,

Sometimes, the space just isn’t the right fit. You can still go ahead with a slightly imperfect plan, as long as key features of the room still work. A solid panel over the excess would create a more intentional look, but it would increase the cost of the build.

Hanging Beds

Hanging bunk beds

Hanging beds can be quickly stacked in nearly any location, and some models will fold upwards when not in use. This concept photo shows one way you could maximize space inside a farmhouse with an angled roof.

So Happy Together

Wooden Bunk bed with 2 kids

When your kids are just as likely to end up in your bed or each other’s beds for cuddles, don’t bother adding much separation when stacking more bunk beds together. These designers left the top and bottom pairs of beds connected, so be wary of conflicts over stuffed animals residing in the central region.

FAQ About Built-In Bunk Beds

How Much Space Does a Built-In Bunk Bed Need?

At a minimum, you need enough length and width for the bed size of choice, plus at least 2.5 feet of clearance between each bed and its ceiling. Around 3 feet is better for taller folks. Thicker walls, storage cubbies, and other features increase the space needed.

Can You Buy a Built-In Bunk Bed?

Unless you’re buying a home with one, you can’t order a built-in bunk bed for delivery. You can look for a contractor to determine the cost for them to build it, or you can purchase the materials and do the work yourself.

How Much Does a Custom Built-In Bunk Bed Cost?

At a minimum, the materials will cost in the hundreds to low thousands. With a hired contractor to do the work, the price could reasonably reach five figures with larger and more complicated builds using more expensive materials.

Are Custom Built-In Bunk Beds Safe?

Bunk beds made according to federal guidelines are generally safe. There is an increased risk of injury from falling that is mitigated but not removed by following those guidelines.